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Due to a lip injury I was unable to play with Foden's at the recent Nationals in London

The injury started during the Open contest week where I cut the lip where the mouthpiece fits (too much pressure!!). By contest day the cut was very sore and subsequently scabbed over. Due to a number of solo engagements etc after the Open I was unable to rest the lip which result in the cut never really healing. 

On the Thursday the week prior to the Nationals the red of the lip totally split resulting in a lot of swelling and being unable to put any pressure on the lip. Due to this I was advised by my doctor to have at least a 2 week break from playing as by not resting the lip it had made the injury worse.

Not playing at the Nationals was upsetting but also having a break for 2 weeks would be the longest I have ever gone without playing.

I had a rest as per the doctors orders and am pleased to say that  the cut has totally healed and after a week of long notes and gradually build up stamina things are nearly back to normal. 


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