Elland Solo Contest

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 8 May 2013 | 0 Comments

Last Sunday I adjudicated the Elland Band solo contest. The contest started at 10am and during the next 7 hours I enjoyed listening to over 60 competitors in various age groups including duets and quartets. The standard over all the sections was very good (especially in the younger classes). At times I had to remind myself that I was listening to musicians under the age of 11. The youngsters were all well prepared (well done teachers) and played with a musicality beyond their years. At the end of the day my comments across all the sections included the use of dynamics (could be used more) and also players giving them selves more time in the music. It was nice to hear a number of quartets and duets (again well prepared) and my comments surrounded the use of balance and ways to improve ensemble. A number of years ago my parents use to take me all over the country competiting in these types of contests and sadly over the years the numbers of these contest have dramatically reduced. Performing solos is extremely hard but the more you perform in public and from a young age the easier it gets to help control nerves and to get use to performing to an audience. Elland band must be congratulated on running such a well organised and supported contest which next year celebrates 25 years!!!!

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